10 options when you finish the University

Before starting University, everybody advice you of the importance of this decision and they also guide to the best way to success. But the problem is when you finish this fantastic step of your life and you have no idea about how to succeed you get in a small crisis.

What are students suppose to do at the end of University? Students should demonstrate a depth of knowledge in one area, they have to be able to communicate effectively orally, in writing and in new media, to a wide variety of audiences and also having a critical and creative thinking. However, if you get the 3 points I explained you succeed in University, so you are prepared for the next step and you probably wouldn’t need the 10 options, because you aren’t in a crisis. Otherwise if you aren’t clear about the near future just have a look at this points.

1. Start another related degree: Many degrees have several points in common and belong to the same training branch. It would be a great extra for your career.

2. Study a master: It’s the most recommended extra for your degree. It’s the best way to specialize in the field you like most.

3. Study to become a civil servant: For many degrees, the best option is to become a state worker. The preparation is quite hard and the way is not always short; so, if you consider that option, you should do it with seriousness and dedication.

4. Travel: You acquire cultural knowledge and meet new people, which is also very positive when you have to face a new world, the workplace. Then you can still be in contact with facebook, twitter…

5. Learn a language: Due to internationalization of business, many companies require a high level in a foreign language. In that way the employee can offer better services to the company.

6. Study or work abroad: Many companies appreciate candidates that have experience abroad because this means that inevitably, you had to communicate and take up some responsibilities: such as education, work, home… in a country that is not yours. In addition, of course, you have learned and improved another language.

7. Challenge yourself by experiencing something new, while you still have the chance: You are young enough to do whatever you want.

8. Gap year: Many people feel that they aren’t prepared enough to apply their knowledge in the job market; so they prefer to take a break for a year and pursue other projects.

9. Do an internships: It’s so useful because it is conceived as part of training, facilitates a fluid relationship between student and company and provides access to the job market. When you finish an internship you will feel more confident to look for a job.

10. Set up your company: If you are ingenious, and you have some great ideas in mind it could be also a good moment to start working with them. Obviously, for young people it isn’t easy due to the lack of money and the little experience, and that means taking a huge risks. But if you believe in your business and you think you can go ahead, this may be your best choice. In addition, there are lots of scholarships for young entrepreneurs that could help you.

It is hard to leave University, but a new world is presented to you. So when you finish University lots of new options are available, so if you don’t find the job that fits your expectations, keep motivated. Take in consideration all the different opportunities, but above all, remember that continuing studying or training is always an investment in yourself.

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