Adapting in the UK

Two weeks into my internship in the UK and I almost got hit by a car within 15 minutes. Driving on the right side was not the main reason as that just pissed of the car driver behind me. After him honking I corrected my position on the street to the left not knowing he attempted a pass manoeuvre that resulted in me testing his reflexes. With a beautiful international sign, of flipping me the finger, I continued my journey home and realized UK traffic regulations could take some time to get used to.

Next thing on my agenda was social events, trying to get involved in sports or whatever it takes to interact with people. Luckily for me that did not take to much time and from day two I already blended in with the other interns. Within 2 weeks I already attended 4 parties and I went to London with some colleagues after three weeks. Doing an internship at internship-uk is much more than just the work experience. It is the cultural experience, meeting people, adjusting, being on your own, creating a temporary home, and improving yourself that makes it worth while.

In my first article “An internship experience in the UK” I mentioned that it differs per person how long it takes to end up in phase two; “settled”. For me it did not even take a week to do that. I lived together with 10 other interns so there was always someone to hang out with. On a regular base people from the other houses walked in or I went there to hang out.

Did I experience home-sickness? Of course you miss your old life style and all that is involved but I moved passed that without to much trouble. Now, fully integrated and enjoying every moment this is exactly what I was looking for outside the work experience!

Next article will be all about phase two “Settled”….

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