An Internship abroad

Doing an internship abroad can be a challenge for many students, and there are many fears when it comes to that. How is it going to be there? Will I be able to adjust to the environment? What is the work going to be like? How are the people I am going to meet? Am I going to survive? All there questions are relevant, no matter where you are planning on going to.

To be able to completely enjoy your time while being abroad you should start with your own attitude; positive attitude and determination can take you far already. You have to realise that things might not start rolling the way you want immediately, but takes time and patience. However your own attitude can make a huge difference during the adjustment period. In the end the internship and everything you learn and experience will benefit you in end in a way or another.

Internship abroad can benefit you in many ways: international working experience, improving your language skills, personal networking outside your own country, learning a new culture/cultures… The list can go on and on. Given the chance to do an internship abroad, it is an opportunity which should not be missed.

If you are already considering an internship abroad, you might be stuck with the choosing the country. Obviously you have to consider the language barrier as that is going to be the factor that mostly limits you in your choice. Considering that most of the young people these days speak English, UK might just be a good option. English is a language that can really help you in the future, especially if you are interested in working for an international company.

In the UK a lot of companies offer different placement programmes; for example Internship-uk offers a wide range of different internship programmes in different fields in Kent and London. But in the end it is up to you what you are up and how much you are willing to challenge yourself.

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