Graduate Schemes

After celebrating your graduation with your friends and family, for many a harsh reality can
kick in. The graduate unemployment rate is the highest that it has been for almost 16 years according to BBC News. Some of the highest unemployment rates are for subjects such as IT, Architecture and Media studies.

Many graduates come straight out of University without a clue what to do next or how to go about finding a suitable job, this is where the harsh reality begins to set in. Graduate Careers are often difficult to start when you have to fight for the same job with up to 50 other graduates. Naturally, the job market is not ideal at the moment and many from my experience, many graduates are finding themselves with extremely limited options and consequently are left unemployed or in a menial job with limited future prospects.

Now if you find yourself in this situation it is important that you are not alone; The job market is not an easy place to be right now and thousands of other graduates are in the exact same boat as you are. The simple fact of the matter is that there supply of graduates ready to start work greatly outweighs the number of companies prepared to offer Graduate jobs. In these circumstances the most important thing you need to focus on is yourself and more importantly, what sets you apart from the crowd and will get you
noticed by employers.

However daunting a task this may seem to be, fear not, help is here to make that prospect seem a lot less intimidating. With help from the experts can help with any question of any aspect of the job searching process. It is also good to remember that however lost you may feel, you are not alone. Target-jobs help hundreds of students to find their way and to not give up with the career search. With simple steps starting right from the beginning, Target-jobs aims to help find the right graduate scheme for you.

From my experience speaking to other graduates there is a general consensus that what is lacking in University is the information and knowledge of what to do next, of who to contact and where to find the opportunities. The fact of the matter is that unfortunately, employers will probably not come knocking at your door, you will have to knock on doors yourself (metaphorically speaking!). Once you find the self confidence to knock on employers doors then the whole job hunting process can become a lot easier in itself. The aim is to get started, and you can confidently start your search with tips and advice from Target-jobs.

According to Target-jobs, on of the first steps in job hunting include knowing your personal skills and what you excel at. Whether you are confident with new people or an organised person, make sure those are the skills you highlight. Once you know what your own skills are you can easily evaluate whether or not you are suitable for a certain position or company.

Once you have decided on your ideal job, there you can focus on how to create a stand out CV, prepare for a confident interview and give yourself the best possible chance of getting a yes from the company. For more details check Graduate Training for the best advice from the experts.

Target-jobs aims to help as many graduates as they can by giving out advice and tips on how to begin and how to stand out. If you are a graduate and are looking for some help on how to get started with a career, look no further! Target-jobs can help you with the whole graduate application process so it no longer seems such a daunting task!

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