How to build a work team

Most of the people in a company talk about work teams, being part of one of them or how to create them. But just a few know how to create a competitive work team or how to develop them. It is more important than it looks like. The success of your company will also depend of your work teams because nowadays most of the companies’ work is done by teams and not by individual persons.

The first thing that you have to know when it comes to create a work team are the individual strengths of the people, in order to make them assume the role that fits the most with them. You have to create a team with people with different abilities that complement each other. You will not have an efficient team if their role doesn’t let them give the most of themselves. Also, when the team is done, you have to give them freedom to work as they want, respecting some rules, of course, but also you have to let them solve their own problems by themselves. Don’t try to control everything, let them act.

You also have to let them know that you have their back, that you trust them, that you support them. It will help them to keep working hard and moving forward with confidence. A good way to show them that you trust them and let them do their work is asking for feedback (not just between your work team but also to other people). It’s not good to wait until there’s a problem to stop and wonder if there is anything wrong or if something can be better.

The next step is to set the goals that the team has to achieve. You cannot start working if you don’t know where you want to go. A good thing to motivate your co-workers and to help them to achieve their goals is to provide incentives, specially those which consist in days off or holidays rather than those which consist in money.

Last but not least, remember to give rewards and to celebrate the success when you reach it. The rewards will keep your team motivated and it will help them to reach the goals of the team. Also, it is always good to celebrate your success. The rewards and the celebration will also help to cross the line between just a work team and friendship. It is really important to get well along with your co-workers, it will make it easier to work and to cover your friend’s back.

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