How to do an English CV

When you’re applying for a job in an English company, the first thing they will ask you is your CV. You might make a mistake if you give them the CV you’ve already given for jobs in another country. English companies have different guidelines when it comes to the CV than other countries.

First of all, you should write your name, address, telephone number and Email Address on it. Just write it, don’t announce what you are writing (Name: John Smith). After that, you should write your Personal Profile, with a maximum of 5 lines, where you have to define yourself without using the words “I”, “me”, “my”, etc. Some keywords you could use are, for example, adaptable, multilingual, confident, enthusiastic, positive mental attitude, team player, among others. English people evaluate a lot if you speak more than one language, so if you are multilingual, this is the right place to write it. After the Personal Profile, you should write, at maximum, six Key Skills. You can also use keywords, but make sure that they are different than the ones you have already used for your Personal Profile. It is a good time to write more qualities that you have and that you didn’t write in your Personal Profile.

Once you’ve defined yourself, it’s time to write about your academic training, starting with your employment history (starting with most recent). After your professional experience, it’s time to write about your education and any extra study you have followed, starting one again with the most recent.

When you have finished with your professional experience, you should write a little about your personal life, namely your hobbies and interests, something that shows that you don’t live just for your work, but that you have a life beyond it.

Finally, you should add some references, which is a way to relate what you have done before and what you want to do. For example, a reference could be a letter written by an employer you have had in which your skills are emphasized. It can be really useful for it shows how you work and how happy they have been with the work you used to do.

Remember that it should not exceed two pages.

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