How to prepare for an internship interview

An interview is the first step that you have to pass in order to be accepted for an internship. But do you know how to prepare for it?
Here are 5 useful tips that will help you to be ready.

Think like an interviewer
Collect all the information that you need about your chosen sector, the company and their for the internship programme. Try to predict the expectations of the interviewer and what they may want to find out about you. Use the Internet to research, look at the website of the company to learn about their business culture, its goals and its values.

Prepare your answers
You will have a very short time to convince the interviewer of your skills and why they should offer you a place. Do not only settle for speaking about your knowledges and your experience, be able to explain what you could offer the company during the internship and demonstrate it by using examples.

Spend time refreshing your knowledge of your chosen subject
The interviewer may wish to test your specific knowledge and level of understanding of your chosen subject. Be ready to be able to provide answers to practical situations and scenarios that may be set during the interview!

Test yourself
Do not only keep your ideas and your strategy in your mind, test yourself by answering alone to fictive questions that you will beforehand have imagined. You can also record what you say and listen to the recording to identify your mistakes. Language gaps, twitches and stress signs are things to avoid and you have to focus on it too.

Be ready on time!
Be sure to be ready 15 to 30 minutes before your interview and to be relaxed during the interview (do not revise your pitch, CV and answers at the last minute).

After the interview…
Note the questions asked, identify where you think improvements could be made, straight after your interview. If unsuccessful at your first interview the time spent evaluating and reviewing your responses will help you be successful next time. You will learn from every interview you undertake and get better and better!

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