Interns Interviews: The Importance of a Cup of Tea

As one of the largest per capita tea consumers in the world, Tea is regarded as one of the keystones of English culture and a symbol of ease and reflection.

On a modern day practical level, a cup of tea can in some situations can lead to the make or break of whether you take control of a conversation or situation.

In regards to recruitment and employment a cup of tea can prove to be a vital tool
in an interview or negotiating a conversation.

From the perspective of a candidate going for an interview the odds are usually stacked against you and in times of need you require as many tools as possible.

After spending much time on both sides of the wheel of the recruitment process I can reassuringly state that one of the main purposes of an interview from both parties, involved is to get to like one another and find a common association.

The simple truth being that as an employer if I like you and can connect with you. If I am able to connect with you, then I will be able to work with you more and form a productive and mutually beneficial service. i.e we will be able to help one another and progress.

If I cannot stand your presence and you make me want to run to the nearest bar for comfort after a brief interview (regardless) of you skills and experience I would probably not hire you as it would lead to potential future conflicts and arguments along the load road of employment.

Therefore, after acknowledging the necessity for mutual cooperation and coexistence one of the best ways to gain an association and connect with someone is to find an icebreaker.

Whether it is discussing, your favourite football team, to films, music, drinks and the opposite of sex a suitable well timed icebreaker can help you gain that common connection and allow you to connect with your future employer.

Considered as one of the top ice breakers in day to day life, next to asking for the time or a smoke, a cup of tea is one of the easiest methods of broaching a conversation.

The Power of a Cup of Tea!

– The ability to take charge of the conversation

– Caffeine – energy and focus

– Allows you to dictate the speed of a conversation and pauses.

– Enables you to place to put your hands if you are nervous

– Enables you to train your eyes if you feel uncomfortable starring at the person next to you

– Tea is a great association – run out of things to say to someone / left with a dry pause in the conversation or have no more chat left in you: never fear for a cup of tea is always at hand.

– The act of associating with tea puts both you and the employer in a suggestive
positive mood allowing you to be more relaxed and calm and more receptive to proposing and suggesting ideas

– As most people who drink tea usually do so in the comfort of their own homes, aside from many a builder and worker who religiously drink on the job, during breaks and in between breaks, and in between tea breaks it allows you to relax and feel more comfortable in your surroundings (that way you will feel less stressed during your interview or conversation).

Overall a cup of tea serves the dual role of providing you with that little bit extra energy during the day and provides you with a common association and connection needed to gain that extra helping hand during a conversation.

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