Job, enrichment and community in one choice: Internship-UK

I am an Italian student in Economics and this is the last year of my Masters degree. During my university studies I have always worked in relation to my interest in sport. I was a rhythmic gymnastics teacher in a club in my city. In my job I had many responsibilities concerning the education of the junior athletes and had to take care of their healthy growth. In this years, although I was successful with my team and graduated with a Bachelors degree, I still felt as if a piece of the puzzle was missing: an intense experience abroad.
I went to the International Relation Office of my university and applied for an “Erasmus Placement”. After some bureaucratic steps, I finally sent my application to Internship-UK for a work placement in the marketing department. A week later, the company told me the good news: I had passed the first interview and was given the opportunity to do an internship in a typical southern village in England called New Romney.
I had applied in the middle of July only and moved to England in September already. I only had a short time to get used to the idea of my new experience. I realized that people who work in Internship-UK are really professional. They sent many e-mails to me containing all the details about accommodation and work. They always answered all my questions quickly. And now the first week of the internship is already over, and there are still 11 weeks to learn, meet people and have fun.
A few days ago I left my country with enthusiasm, wondering about the future and with the certainty that this work placement will increase my knowledge. As soon as I arrived I found a nice place with so many people from different countries and cultures who welcomed me with open arms! Everybody was and still is helpful to solve the difficulties that I meet at work. The staff is always careful and kind.
One thing that I appreciate is the spontaneity and, at the same time, the respect for people and their role. The staff creates a comfortable atmosphere every day. The most visible method to increase the team spirit is the daily workshop, in which we participate after work. At the workshops, we have the possibility to express our ideas and exchange our points of view.
My university teacher, in a lesson of Business Management, once said: “To empower the company to succeed, the top management should encourage a team spirit. The company can only be run perfectly if employees feel this way”. Here, in this company I have the experience of what he meant exactly.

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