Lying in a job interview

A job applicant has always doubts about telling the complete truth or telling some lies, in order to hide the real truth. Before facing the interview, you have to be clear in your head what do you want to say, if you’d rather tell the truth or tell some lies, in order to improve the truth. It’s important to have these ideas clear in your head, because if doubts appears in the interview, most probably the interviewer may notice that you are nervous, and you wouldn’t transmit enough confidence.

The most recommended way to do the interview is telling the truth, because you will feel more comfortable, you can respond to their questions without any doubts, you would be secure of everything, and in conclusion you would feel better about yourself. Everyone would like to have a better CV, more experience and also be the ideal employee, but of course you have to earn it.

Telling the whole truth is the best way to do it, however, sometimes your truth makes it complicated to get the position and it means losing the position to a better qualified candidate.

On the other hand, there are people that chose the way of telling some lies, that isn’t recommended. It isn’t a big problem if you hide some of the truth, but the problem is when you make up your CV, in order to be the ideal candidate. Because lying about your degree, qualifications or experience for short-term gain, inevitably will come back to haunt you. Moreover the truth can come out when the employer talks to your references.

If you lie in an interview process and don’t get caught, you might think that all is done and you are free. However, you’ll face an even more serious consequence than just losing a job offer, probably you wouldn’t be recommended in other jobs.

The most common lie is to say that you weren’t really fired from your last job but instead resigned voluntarily. And to check it’s very easy, just calling your previous company.

So the best way to face and interview job, is telling the truth, point out your strengths and being who you are, not trying to be someone that you aren’t, because when you are false the company most probably will realize.

If you know that you have few probabilities to get the job, but still apply, use even the few probabilities you have to do your best, and I recommend not lying, just hiding the truth, because it would be better for you.

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