Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

Bad first impression

Even if your interviewer doesn’t want to, he/she will think in one way or another depending on your first impression, meaning how you dress or your hair, among others.

How you dress is more important than most of people think. You should dress in the same way that you would dress if you were going to work in that company a regular day, thus you should not dress casual if that company has a dress code which business formal. You have to look professional to your interviewer.

Another fact that will create a bad first impression in your interviewer’s eyes is coming in with food, drinks and of course chewing gums. It doesn’t look professional and also it increase the possibilities to spill it.


Sooner or later they will know if you are lying. You will not get the job and also, you will gain a bad reputation. Even in the case you get hired, that will be the reason why they will fire you. It is not hard to get when someone lies, specially because we cannot remember the lies always. If you say the truth you don’t have to remember anything, just say how things are. The best way to get a job is being how you really are.

Use your phone during the interview

It is really rude and it also means that you don’t care about the job, that you give priority to the person in the other side of the phone rather than the interviewer. Even if it sounds weird, this is one of the most common mistakes that people do during the interviews.

Haven’t done any research

You have to be prepared for some questions, specially those related to the company you are applying for. You should do some research about the company before going to the interview because they ask questions about themselves really often to know if you are really interested in working in that company.

Show that you don’t work well with a team

It is good if you show your abilities and rewards that you have obtained in your latest works, but don’t speak always about you as a single person, try to emphasize also the work you have done with a team. Nowadays most of the work in the companies is done by more than one person, if you just show how good you are working alone, you may not be the person they are looking for.

Ask about holidays or money when it’s not the time

These are relevant facts, but don’t ask them at the beginning, wait until the interviewer starts discussing it, it will look like you are not interested in the company but in the money. You have to show them that you want to work there and you want to improve not just yourself but also the company, and bringing out the money in the conversation will not help you.

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